Our company is involved in the manufacturing and marketing of full-body cold therapy equipment.

JUKA corporation, with several hundred devices sold, is the largest manufacturer of full-body cold therapy equipment in the world.

In today’s racing world cold therapy is a modern and popular method suitable for the fast and effective regeneration of the body, targeted rehabilitation, in the process of which while eliminating the pain in the problematic areas, not only the pain is eliminated, but also the entire regeneration period is shortened, compared to generally available medical treatments. In the course of cold therapy, as a result of the large energy expenditure of the body, fast fat burning commences and orange skin, along with most dermatological complaints disappears. All these benefits of full-body cold therapy will undoubtedly be appreciated by the guests of medicinal spas, regenerating or wellness hotels (operators) – who serve the comfort and satisfaction of their clients.

The cold chambers and the cold saunas mean a great advantage for the operators, from the points of view of medicinal effect, prestige and the regular guests of the hotel or other facility alike, cold chambers and cold saunas are operated by several similar facilities in every region of the world.

Our cold therapy medicinal treatment ensures the well-considered, comprehensive adjustment of all the parameters, the safe control of time and temperature and the reliable operation of the entire unit, including the immediate evaluation of possible defects. These devices are medical equipment which possess EU certifications.